I was Inspector Gadget and we all gathered and decided to create a race of mice/humans.. crazy mice with amazing capabilities. There were other main character boss types from other cartoon shows like The Raccoon's. Cedric and Bert were there (both from The Raccoon's), as was Ceril Sneer.

We had a race but I had no idea what the point of the race was at first. There was someone that reminded me of Darth Vader chasing after me as the Inspector. (I'm thinking it might have been Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget but when I finally saw him near the end he looked like someone in Vader's clothes but with an almost amiable grin..) I kept saying "Go Go Gadget rocket boosters", and they never seemed to kick on properly I was always going kind of slow. I used the gadget helicopter once, too. Every time this Darth Vader guy got close enough to me, a red laser beam would shoot out and I'd have to back away. It was like a dreamland video game.. I think I got hit by the laser once and it just slowed me down.

About half way through the race, I stopped in at the place were a guy that reminds me of the one in Jurrasic Park who sabotaged everything was trying to get the key (the key is what the winner of the race would get), he was using a pair of vice grips. So I said "Go Go Gadget hand!" and snapped the key away from him. Then I put the key in and turned it.. it activate some things, I knew I shouldn't have been doing it yet but I did anyway because everyone else seemed to be the "bad guys". I noted that as I turned the key there were different things activating in different areas of what looked sort of like the Evergreen Forest from The Raccoon's. Knox (the rich crocodile from that show) was involved too.

After I turned the key I decided that it was time to get out of there (it had been dark 90% of that time, we just flew around a house and threw it in complete darkness and somehow called it a race). I put on my gadget rockets and tried to leave but once again, so slow and I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. I zoomed (achingly slowly) over to a clump of grass and hid behind it. Some people were coming so I moved to the side of a fancy white car. It turns out the car was being driven by Bert and Cedric, who were apparently my friends so I was glad until I heard Bert saying something to the effect of me being killed when they got back by the other people in "the race". Also of note, they were driving like lunatics.. and Bert asked Cedric if he even knew how to drive and before he could answer two girls in the backseat said, "We don't have to know how to drive, we're blondes!". I have no idea where that came from.. they were wearing skimpy bathing suits and fondling themselves. (heh?) I don't remember anything after that point..

If I spelled any character names wrong or something feel free to /msg me. :)