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You drift around the internet for awhile. In your journey you stumble across this desolate, empty area. To the south is a small hut, which appears to be the only civilization around for miles.


You move closer to the hut. You can see it's made out of thick, sturdy wood. There is a door in front of you that leads into the hut. To the side is a post with a strange inscription on it.

/examine post

You lean in closer to the post. The inscription seems to be just a group of random symbols and letters:

GM/MU/S/SS/P/ED/H d- s@sh !a c+ u@n/a P+ l E? W++ N K- w M@N/A VMS@N/A PS+ PE Y+ PGP? t- 5? X R tv b++ DI+ D+ G !e h !r y?

Tied to this is a small flag which reads:

Pigeonholes for personality:
myers-briggs type indicator: INFJ (on the border line between J and P, with one percent difference in favour of J)
Enneagram: Type 1: 3 Type 2: 5 Type 3: 4 Type 4: 6 Type 5: 6 Type 6: 4 Type 7: 1 Type 8: 1 Type 9: 6

For no apparent reason you have gained 5 points!

/open door

The door opens easily.


You enter the hut. It's absolutely bare except for a worn mahogany table and a bulletin board which hangs from a dusty wall. A red book lays closed on the table.

/examine board

There appears to be several notes attached to the board with aging pins. You can only make out the words of a few notes- the rest seem completely illegible.

On the subject of poetry:

I have begun writing poetry partly for my own amusement, partly because I can and partly because it's easier than trying to sleep on an idea. What I desire most from it is constructive criticism. Even if it is only to tell me that it's complete drivel.

To all newbies:

It appears that there are certain visitors coming around to these brave plains. Brave souls flying blind in the face of criticism (or crazy men. Not sure which). I leave this message to all such newbies wishing to join the community as a piece of advice and perhaps a warning.

I have formed the opinion that this place has history and set of debates that have been going on for a long time and that anyone mad enough to venture here will be pulled into the fray. This is my warning to you. Be aware of the history of this place. Do not be afraid to ask.

As such I'm trying to formulate a guide to help look into the past. However part of the joy of this quiet corner of the internet is finding these things, stumbling upon them. So instead I should hope to provide clues that will let the eager historian find what they are looking for. Use these as a last resort, as an alternative to actually asking people things.

(Note: If you're wanting to find stuff on your own, don't open the book of my bookmarks)

The clues in no particular order and by no means complete or authoritative:

  • -The first w/u: Nate wrote it.
  • The Gods Folly: It was an April Fools day joke, honest.
  • The McDonald's Beverage Fiasco: Pussy is a euphemism for what?
  • Earn your ?: Dead. Ask around what "Earn Your Bullshit" meant
  • Outcast User 1: Say "The Man" with a slight Jamaican accent to find out who this was.
  • Outcast User 2: A thief. All signs point to madness.
  • A very special game: involves rodents.
  • Communal Dreams: We're not in Kansas. At least not yet.
  • The Revenge of the People's Pornographer: The man has no style.

/examine book

The book is old and dusty. You can make out the gold lettering if you squint:

Catalogue of the.web.hermit's bookmarks.

/open book

Light pours out of the book, blinding you. You drop it on the floor and it seems to expand into a bright shining hole. You fall forward into the hole and black out.

You awake to find yourself staring at a wall of doors, each with a label detailing their contents.

You have gained twenty points!

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