In an effort to dredge the Universal Subconscious I propose the idea of a Memetic Library.

In essence I suppose it already exists, what is the net (or E2?) if not a collection of memes? However this could act like an index of sorts, not for the net necessarily, but for society. What I really hope to get out of this is to eventually study what sort of links emerge as strong and weak, and find out which memes relate closely with which? Perhaps get a feel for some archetypes or perhaps an uber-meme or two.

However I'm getting a head of myself, you don't even know how I propose this happens.

Naturally I could write up a bunch of memes myself and place links to other related ideas. But hey, I'm just one man, not really all that representative of the population. But if you like the idea of this and would like to help up, please adopt a meme today! Choose one that appeals to you, since these are probably the ones you've thought of the most.

All I ask is that you think about where you put them.

The meme for may have under it links to and but I would be dubious to find a link to there, which I would place under . It up to you of course, there are no rights and wrong here, so if you figured sport belonged there then go ahead, put it in there!

Eventually we may be able to produce a memetic map, a lay out of which ideas are connected to which and how strong those connections are.

At the moment the only way I can see for us to do this is to create a The Meme Library page each and each add the memes that we would like to describe.

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