The Joy of Pair Bonding

An on-going examination of how and why individuals of the species homo sapiens go about pair bonding, with handy instructions for those who wish to play at home.

An original work by other90percent, and whoever else wishes to contribute.

Please note this is a work in progress!

Table of Contents

Wherein your humble author strives for organization, and keeps moving things around till it looks right

Subjectivity Disclaimer:

Naturally, I can only write about my own first-hand experiences and those that I glean from friends. So The Joy of Pair Bonding directly applies only to me (gee, how useful) but I hope that you can extract some useful information.

Of course, you are welcome to (and I encourage you to do so!) add your own writeups and experiences. Then TJoPB will still be subjective, but have a broader source.

I'll be changing the names of people I refer to directly, in order to protect their privacy. I hope you do the same, if you are adding to it.

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