"Women look at other guys as much, if not more, than guys look at other women. Women are just better at hiding it because of their superior peripheral vision." - Cosmopolitan Magazine

Anybody who has been in a romantic relationship with another person, or even heard about somebody who has, knows that sometimes you or the other person can get jealous.

        Model of jealousy:
         ~' ;)  ---------->    ;)
        /|\/|\                /|\
   boy   | /|\  girl           |   cute boy
       _/ \_|_               _/ \_

The doctrine that Just because you've ordered doesn't mean you can't look at the menu asserts that it is ok for somebody in a relationship to look at other people and find them attractive, as long as they don't act on their primitive impulses.

      Model of this doctrine:

        OK                      Not OK

       ,,                      ,,     ,,
       -    _                  -      -
       |\_ /_/ menu            |\_OO_/|
       |_                      |_meal_|
         |_                      |__|

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