The idea started in a daylog, but I wanted to brainstorm in a node I could add to later without trying to remember which one it was.

I think noding about the people you like is worthwhile, even if you're the only one that reads those nodes later; you can look back at them and see what makes you tick, and what you like about people, and feel warm and fuzzy inside.

  • She has an anime nose. It's tiny, and slightly upturned, like Katsuragi Misato's (and just about every other cute anime chick's.)
  • She's really small. Like 5'2" or something. I'm not good at judging heights, but she's tiny. Small = cute. I could pick her up and twirl her around, and I'm not even macho or anything.
  • She's kinda insecure and bashful sometimes. I want her to be more self-assured, but at the same time, it's really cute how she'll sometimes end even the most concrete statements as half-questions.
  • She's really huggable. She's soft and cuddly. She looks that way in anything she wears. She could be wearing combat boots, spikes, and a cloak made from porcupine fur, and I'd still want to hug her.
  • Sometimes, she's so bashful she won't make eye contact when she talks to me. Kinda like me.
  • Even when she's tired, cranky, and whiny, she's still cute. It just makes me want to give her a big hug and take care of her and make her feel better.
  • I can tell she cares a lot about what I say about her, but she gets shy if I compliment her. It makes flirting with her very nonsexual, which seems very innocent and new.
  • She's Irish. 'Nuff said.
  • She has incredibly perfect skin. She's very pale, and she's absolutely adorable when she blushes.
  • She has light hair, that is ever so slightly red. Strawberry blonde, I guess.
  • She pouts.
  • She gets impatient when I tell her I have a secret or a suprise, and begs and begs and begs me to tell her what it is.

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