Is, of course, the memetics meme itself. The only reason that otherwise sane, rational people believe all of this meme nonsense is because the idea is so catchy that once you hear it it is hard to get it out of your head.

My favorite meme is also a memetically-autoreferential meme:

This meme allows the bearer to deprecate views held by others as "merely" a collection of memes, while simultaneously blinding them to the relevance of the fact that the same is true about their own ideas.

I would have to say the most interesting meme for me would be this:

"I exist"

On this one meme balance precariously things like "I want", "I am", "I own", "I believe" and so on. This makes it probably the most important meme in our perception of the world. (The other important one being "the universe exists", or perhaps "existance exists".)

The existence of self is indeed questionable. Have you ever looked upon the rest of the universe, and wondered what makes you so seperate from it? The meaning of 'I' is not clear or well defined; what makes me think I exist at all?

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