Black People Hate Me And They Hate My Glasses is a fantastic short film directed by Salamo Levin and starring Andrew Gurland. One of his "favorite New York stories," Gurland expertly weaves his tale of spectacles and African Americans, which is cleverly edited and never ceases to entertain. It's a winding story, and it bounces around a lot, but it keeps you laughing hysterically on the edge of your seat.

The video does not, as you may have assumed, advocate racism. It does quite the opposite, but it avoids being preachy or even serious. It doesn't just avoid racism, it goes over and pokes fun at anti-racism paranoia as well.

This is the finest, most entertaining short films I've ever seen (I've seen quite a few, but I'm not an expert on the subject) and I have yet to find someone or their parents who hasn't enjoyed this short.

BPHMATHMG has a lot of very cool dialogue, which I don't want to ruin for you. One favorite line that is still said many times daily by my group of friends is this: "I don't get it, Freddy Krueger?" Seriously, watch the movie and you'll see why that's funny.

The video can be viewed online at
Run Time: 14 Min 37 Secs

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