Well this morning I had a strange dream, as I was resisting to wake up as it is a school day.

Well I found myself in London. I had taken a trip down there for the day and had been separated from my parents. I was with my brother and all I had with me was a backpack. Which contained some money and a few bits and bobs that were of no use to me in the situation that I found myself in. Well first of all we had to find somewhere to sleep because it was getting very late. I had found a spot on some stairs. I had used my bag as a pillow and rested my head on it. The rest of my body just lay down along the step, I then drifted off to sleep.
The next morning I woke up to find the place bustling with people. My brother had already woken up and had returned with some food. We ate it up as our breakfast. We then decided that it was time to think about returning home. We made our way toward a train station and using the money that was in the bag. We bought two tickets to my home and then went back to our steps where we sat and waited for the train to arrive. Then some people walked up to us and gave us a thick blanket. I couldn’t accept this offer, as I was not living on the streets. I tried to say to give it to some people that were actually homeless but the words I was saying weren’t coming out correctly. It was like I was talking to an alien or a foreigner and nothing I said could make them change their mind. I therefore accepted the blanket and continued to wait. Two kids ran up to us. One stole the blanket and the other stole the train tickets. I ran after them both, stopped one of them and raised him into the air. He dropped the blanket so I let him go and he scampered off. It was then that I realised I was officially homeless. It was also then that I woke up.