Prisoner, also Prisoner: Cell Block H - an Aussie soap first broadcast in 1979 about Wentworth Women's Prison, its inmates and warders. Had wobbly sets and some majorly cheesy acting, but like most soap opera, its cheesiness becomes mildly lovable if you watch it for long enough. Top characters include Bea Smith, the well-'ard top dog, Judy the hippy dyke, the dreaded Lizzie, a little old lady who's a strong contender for worst voice on TV, and the scary screws Vera Bennett and Joan Ferguson, also known as The Frig. The theme tune, "He used to bring me roses" is truly, truly dire. (My sister bought the record. Agh.)

Pris"on*er (?), n. [F. prisonnier.]


One who is confined in a prison.

Piers Plowman.


A person under arrest, or in custody, whether in prison or not; a person held in involuntary restraint; a captive; as, a prisoner at the bar of a court.


Prisoner of Hope thou art, -- look up and sing. Keble.

Prisoner's base. See Base, n., 24.


© Webster 1913.

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