Played in a several parter for "Walt Disney Presents," The Scarecrow. It was set in, I think, 18th century England, in the context of one of the George's tax agents, and 'redcoats,' making it hard for the locals to live.

McGoohan was the Vicar who took on a secret identity as Scarecrow to fight the forces of the king. He had an associate, who's name escapes me. A 'dynamic duo!'

Secret Agent was, I believe, the British version, with a kick-ass theme song by P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri, sung by Johnny Rivers.

Danger Man, as it was called in the U.S.A., along with The Saint reach back before the days of colour, like the beginnings of The Avengers. These sorts of programs allow the actors the opportunity to demonstrate a wide range of characters. There is nothing to distract us from the actor and his ability.

McGoohan always showed a different face for each assignment that Special Security Agent John Drake took. By the time The Prisoner came along, colour, production techniques, more sophisticated themes, the tight control he assumed over all these, shoved McGoohan away from the thing that first attracted me--the acting.

I, for one, never assumed that The Prisoner was a continuation of Secret Agent. it just happens that Agent was a convenient starting point for Prisoner.

And it certainly was the foundation that McGoohan used. Without it McGoohan wouldn't have had the audience base, the production experience, or the power to have gotten Prisoner off the ground.

Everything2 editor's note: Mr McGoohan died in Los Angeles on January 13, 2009.

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