• Paul Draper - Lead vocals and rhythm guitar
  • Dominic Chad - Lead guitar and backing vocals
  • Stove King - Bass
  • Andie Rathbone - Drums

    In the summer of 95 Mansun was formed by Paul Edward Draper, Dominic Chad and Stove King.
    They where first called Gray Lantern, but later they changed their name to "A man Called Sun". After discovering another band called "A man Called Adam", they changed their name to Mansun.

    I have both their albums, but none of their EPs. After listening to both albums uncountable number of times I decided I like Six best. Allthough both albums are very good, they are very different and I like the style (or sound) of their second album best. Still I would recomend you to visit their site and listen to some of their sounds samples, then if you like it, buy both albums.

    This is a list of all current releases by Mansun:

  • EP 1 - Egg Shaped Fred
  • EP 2 - Take It Easy Chicken
  • EP 3 - Stripper Vicar
  • EP 4 - Wide Open Space
  • EP 5 - She Makes My Nose Bleed
  • Attack Of The Grey Lantern (1997)
  • EP 6 - TAXLO$$
  • EP 7 - Closed For Business
  • EP 8 - Legacy
  • EP 9 - Being A Girl (Part One)
  • Six (1998)
  • EP 10 - Negative
  • EP 11 - Six
  • Little Kix (2000)
    One more thing worth mentioning. Mansun has a certain style, it's totaly different from all other bands I have heard. I like their style, and I look forward to their next album.

  • Hompage url = HTTP://WWW.MANSUN.CO.UK/
  • Before Mansun signed to Parlophone they released two EPs, the first one on their own Sci-Fi Hi-Fi Recordings label;

    • Take It Easy Chicken [Take It Easy Chicken/Take It Easy Chicken] (Sept 1995)
    • Skin Up Pin Up [Skin Up Pin Up/Flourella] (Nov 1995)
    Interestingly the labelling on Take It Easy Chicken refers to the band as Manson, which is either a typo or a contraction of A Man Called Son which would lead to them renaming themselves to avoid serial killer associations, their biographys differ on this. Around this time there was also a fifth member of the band who was in charge of samples. All of these songs were recorded for later inclusions in albums and EPs except for the the 808 State remixed Skin Up Pin on the Spawn soundtrack (Nov 1997) which uses the original song.

    Between EPs 1 & 4 all the songs mixed into each other, this was also true of Attack Of The Grey Lantern and due to their being a US and a UK version of the album there are up to four different intro/outros for the first four singles.

    Also Taxlo$$ wasn't actually called EP 6. I would contact Asfodel but he's been inactive for a while.

    Additionally the following three singles were released off the Little Kix album;

    • I Can Only Disappoint U [I Can Only Disappoint U/Decisions, Decisions/Repair Man//My Idea Of Fun/Golden Stone] (June 2000)
    • Technically this was EP 12, but they had stopped listing them as EPs.
    • Electric Man [Electric Man/The Drifters/The Apartment//I Can Only Disappoint U (Perfect Club Mix)/Electic Man (Acoustic)] (Oct 2000)
    • Fool [Fool/I've Seen The Top Of The Mountain/Promises//Fade In Time/Black Infinite Space] (Dec 2000)

    Their official site moved to in October 2000 and the old address redirects to it. The official website was originally started by a fan David Nattriss but became official after he contacted Parlophone.

    In semi-contrast to Asfodel I have almost every release since EP 4. I like them, mainly because they had fantastic b sides. In fact up until EP 7 their Bs were as good as, if not better than, album tracks.

    Sources; Official site &

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