Besides the obvious oxymoronical nature of the words "Chinese" and "Tall" being the main operative adjectives in a phrase, there are some other odd points of interest in being the living paradox. Example, my last few trips to the People's Republic of China:

Picture a street with a sea of black hair bobbing up and down at approximately five and a half feet, with troughs and crests ranging five inches above and below the mean. Then you will see an outlier cutting through this sea, breathing more easily than his vertically challenged brethren. At six feet and five inches, he receives stares of shock, disgust and awe simultaneously. Some apologies muttered quickly, trying to hide their rude gasps of surprise. Some people (this being China, and not the streets of New York City) walk up to this inhuman freak of nature and ask him hesitantly, "Do you play basketball?" There is hope in their voices as they picture the end of the United States' reign in Olympic basketball. These dreams are smashed as the mutant replies in broken Chinese that he does but is, in fact, an American. The sneers are indescribably disheartening.

But take solace in the fact that the air is fresher and more open at 77 inches from the ground level than around 66 inches.

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