Business is serious academic study.

We realize that this complex financial system touches the lives of everybody, and the more we can do to understand it, the more we know about ourselves. The more we can stop crises like Enron, like Long-Term Capital Management, the collapse of the ruble/peso/yen... Things that effect everybody.

I'm at the Stern School of Business majoring in Finance, Statistics and Physics, also known as a branch of Applied Mathematics. I can say firsthand that Business is more than Management and ridiculous MIS corporate-speak-wannabe-geeks. It's more than accountants attempting to learn how to add.

Math Finance is one of the burgeoning new fields of research, applying Partial Differential Equations, chaos theory, Markov Chains, Finite Element, Martingales, Brownian Motion, binomial trees, utility theory, and econometrics to equities markets, as well as other things.

We predict, evaluate, and manage the risk for the world financial markets. We search for arbitrage. We find ways to equate mathematical and physical phenomena with the random behavior of markets. We then publish academic papers. Basically, it's all the fun stuff from Mathematics and Physics with more results, and is more applicable in 'real life'.

We theorize, program, and apply our own mathematical models, which forces us to be mathematicians, crack programmers, and bankers all at once.

I am a business major, and am smarter than you. I know a lot of math. I am a very well-rounded individual. Does that scare you?

Anark: Risk Management != day trading. Creating a theory about finite element methods applied to option pricing PDEs is not more mercenary than writing it about fluid dynamics. Applying the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle to financial crisis is not any more self-centered than applying it to quantum mechanics.

Mathematical Finance is a very new field in which somebody like me could actually make an impact. I love Physics, but I've gotten up to Quantum II and Gen Relativity and am still learning things that other people thought of years before.

In my seventeen years, I've known thousands of people much smarter than I, because I go out of my way to try to meet them. I don't judge people's intellect on their choice of profession. I think you should get out more.

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