In addition to my driving lisence, my dad decided I need to learn to fly as well. We bought a small airplane and installed an extra brake pedal for the driving teacher, just like in car, and while rolling around the city streets I naturally screwed up everything just like with car. When at one point I was getting the plane out from the hangar after parking practice, the hangar doors suddenly closed and the wings of the plane were cut off. My dad was furious for wings being cut off, and for me for showing my feelings as I beated my head against the controls. We got out from the plane, and I asked how I could have known the doors were going to close, and he shouted that such things just happen but that I'm still a fucking moron for screwing it up. I walked to my car outside the airfield area, and on the way I asked an american general if the airfield had any responsibility for that, but he said it doesnt so I told him to fuck off and burn in hell. As I got out from the gates, three Lada's drove through the fence. This place was so fucked up I decided to leave wherever I could, so I ran to one of them and got into the cars back seat. There were two russian generals sitting in the front seats, and one of them said "Who are you? Get away from here civilian!", but I said that I'm a prisoner who has just escaped from the americans, so they decided to take me with them. As we drove to their base, they sung russian national song, and I moved my lips to look like I'd know the lyrics.