As I entered the home of the Files family, the first thing I took note of was the enormous sprawling staircase before me. At least a hundred people mingled around on the stairs in various states of conversation. The red carpeting of the staircase gave it the look of a bloody river, as if some mighty battle had been fought upstairs and this was the aftermath. Below it was a vast hallway with large roman pillars. More people stood there, sipping wine and telling boating stories. Off to the right I could see the entrance to the main living room, and while I could not see the massive stone fireplace I could tell it had been lit by the golden glow of the women that stood in the doorway.

I could see Jason, the buffoon (and my friend) telling football stories to some of the socially elite crowded around him. That was what made this party such an event. All of the powerful people from town would be here. Jason Files was a tall, strong man with bronzed skin and blonde hair. He had the natural good looks that rich people were so often awarded. Unfortunately, but fortunate for me indeed, Jason lacked in wit what he had in physical attraction. I decided that here was where I would make my impression. Compared to Jason, I would show intelligence and viewpoints comparable to Plato. I strode over to him and soon joined their conversation. Something both interesting and disturbing seemed to be happening. Although my rapport was sharper, my jokes fresher, and my delivery more robust, the crowd laughed louder at Jason’s remarks. Frustrated, I turned and walked away finding my way to the deserted kitchen.

Jason’s mother Hillary was in the kitchen, alone, drinking a glass of wine. When I reported to her my frustrations she smiled and replied, “ Of course they did Jake. Jason will someday inherit the File’s estate and be the most powerful man in the region. It’s never too early to start kissing ass.” She took my hand and sat the empty wine glass down. “Perhaps you’d like to step into the next room so I can make you feel better?” She led me into the pantry, and forced me against the wall. Her eighteenth century bodice forced her breasts into volcanic eruptions at peak of her dress, and as I ripped at the laces up the back I felt the weight of them on my own chest. We had visceral, wet sex in the pantry with scents of flour and onions all around us. Through the vented door I could see the party outside. At least, I thought to myself, the next time Jason and I are in Hillary’s company she’ll favor me.

I quickly found myself at the neighborhood bar surrounded by strange faces that I was sure of as my friends. Over many beers I told them of the evenings events. With a drunken sly grin one of the guys turned to me and said, “Why don’t you go back to the house and get Jason? No doubt the party is over now, and he’ll be drunk off his ass. We’ll play a trick on him.” It seemed like a great idea, though details of this trick were never revealed.

I left the bar and found myself once more at the File’s estate. This time Hillary greeted me at the door. When I asked for Jason she smiled and led me to the landing of the stairs. Jason lay curled up in the fetal position inside a cardboard box. He was naked except for his powder blue briefs. His head was out of the box, laying on one of the lid flaps. A silly smile upon his face, drool from his mouth darkening the cardboard. “I’m afraid Jason is not going to be much good to anyone”, she said,” Why don’t you go see if Jenny is still awake?” I walked up the stairs to Jason’s older sister's room. Jenny was lying naked on the bed as I opened the door.

“My mother said that you might be stopping by.” She smiled at me, and then led my face between her legs. The light of the moon seeped through the windows and drapes, making her skin a bluish hue. I had to force my finger between her teeth to keep her quiet, because while I knew that Mrs. Files was aware of this activity I was fairy certain that Mr. Files was not. Jenny, straddled above me, bent down and whispered in my ear, “Do you remember my friend April? She’s at the lodge with all of the others. She’d love to see you.” After we finished I put my clothes on and proceeded out of town to the isolated mountain lodge to find her.

I made my way through the main lobby of the lodge, it’s huge fireplace warming the mass of people standing around there. I made my way down a long hallway to another large chamber. This was a common room, to which all of the girl’s hotel rooms were attached. Again, everyone was dressed in eighteenth century dresses with large bell shaped bottoms and open necklines.

April’s hotel room reminded my much of a high school classroom. While the common room had been equipped with beautiful architecture to match the girl’s outfits, the hotel rooms were made of cinder blocks. No words were said between us, but soon I found myself naked, with her grabbing and stroking me. I looked up, and through her window (there were no blinds or shutters) were a hundred women in eighteenth century party gowns fanning themselves and watching on. So be it, I thought. I wanted them all, and by showing them what I was doing I was inviting them to offer themselves to me at a later time. We stood, April’s hands outstretched on the glass. I was behind her pounding away mercilessly. My eyes shifted from the sparkles of sweat appearing on her back to the mass of faces staring open eyed at me.

Later, we were getting dressed when a girl burst into the room. “Hurry, you’ve got to get out of here! April’s parents are coming. They know you’re here!” I ran out of the room and approached the back door. Through the reflection of glass I could see three tall men carrying a firearm waiting on the other side. I could see shaped making their way down the main hallway, and could only guess them to be of April’s parents. I leapt out of the window, ran past the men waiting by the outside door, and disappeared into the night. I came to the outside dance floor, the only barrier between me and my car. I climbed the lattus, slowly crawled across. I knew that if I disturbed the band, or any of the old couples dancing on the floor below me I’d be discovered. I made it to the other side, climbed down, and make my way to the parking lot. As I sped off of the property, April’s mother appeared in the middle of the road with a shotgun. Accidentally, I tried to swerve the car away from her but struck her down in the middle of the road. Her body made a wet splat sound that I have not heard since throwing overly ripe watermelons off a seven story building in my youth. I sped on into the night to the train station.

I just made the train, and sat calmly on the way back to Harrisburg. I related the evening’s events to a man in a charcoal suit. “You’re lucky”, he said, “ You know all those people at the cottage are cannibals. They’d have eaten you for sure if they’d have caught you.”

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