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Mr. Bungle, is on occasion, better than sex.

Trevor Dunn: bass
Danny Heifetz: percussion
Clinton (Bär) McKinnon: tenor sax, clarinet, keyboards
Mike Patton: vocals
Trey Spruance: guitar, keyboards

The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny
released in 1986 on cassette only
other musicians:
Jed Watts - Drums, Harmonica, Backing Vocals and party favors
Theo Lengyel - Saxophone and Hawaiian Nose Humming
Martin Fosnaugh - Jews Harp
      Grizzly Adams
      Anarchy Up Your Anus
      Spreading The Thighs of Death
      Bungle Grind
      Raping Your Mind
      Evil Satan
      Sudden Death
Bowel of Chiley erroneously aka Bowl Of Chiley
"Originally recorded in 1987 on cassette. Released without band permission in 1991 (Playhouse Productions) as a bootleg cassette erroneously titled "Bowl of Chiley," and again in 1997 (Rastacore Records) as a CD that was sold by several large music stores until the band put a stop to it. The cover image is from the CD bootleg. Two versions of "Bowel of Chiley" exist, with slightly different track lists..." -
Other Musicians: Hans Wagner - Drums
Theo Lengyel - Saxophone
Scott Fritz - Trumpet
List One:
      For No Reason
      Definition of Shapes
      Evil Satan
      Walkin' In Circles
      Snap, Crackle, Pop
      Cottage Cheese
      No Strings Attached
      Fart In A Bag
      Freight Train
List Two:
      For No Reason
      Evil Satan
      Jumping (part one)
      Jumping (part two)
      Cottagem Cheese
      You Can't Make Me Mad
      ( )
      Freight Train
      No Strings Attached
      Fart in a Bag
      Walkin' in Circles
Goddammit i Love America
Relased in 1988 on cassette only
      Bloody Mary
      Waltz For Grandma's Sake
      Definitions of Shapes
released in 1989 on cassette only
Other Musicians:
Theo Lengyel - Alto Sax
      Squeeze Me Macaroni
      Slowly Growing Deaf
      The Girls of Porn
      Love is a Fist
      Mr. Nice Guy
Mr. Bungle       Travolta (Quote Unquote)
      Slowly Growing Deaf
      Squeeze Me Macaroni
      Stubb (a Dub)
      My Ass Is On Fire
      The Girls of Porn
      Love Is A Fist
      Dead Goon
Disco Volante (in my cd player right now)
      Everyone I Went To High School With Is Dead
      Chemical Marriage
      Sleep (Part II): Carry Stress In The Jaw
      Desert Search For Techno Allah
      Violenza Domestica
      After School Special
      Sleep (Part III): Phlegmatics
      Ma Meeshka Mow Skowz
      The Bends
            Man Overboard
            The Drowning Flute
            Aqua Swing
            Follow The Bubbles
            Duet For Guitar and Oxygen Tank
            Nerve Damage
            Screaming Bends
            Love On The Event Horizon
      Merry Go Bye Bye
released July 13, 1999
      Sweet Charity
      None of Them Knew They Were Robots
      The Air-Conditioned Nightmare
      Ars Moriendi
      Pink Cigarette
      Golem II: The Bionic Vapour Boy
      The Holy Filament
      Vanity Fair
      Goodbye Sober Day
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Mr. Bungle was also the notorious character on LambdaMOO who virtually raped several other characters via voodoo powers.

"A Rape in Cyberspace" was documented by Julian Dibbell in 1993 in The Village Voice (and was included in Flame Wars edited by Mark Dery (1994)). Dibbell has since written a whole book about his experiences on LambdaMOO called My Tiny Life : Crime and Passion in a Virtual World (1998), but I haven't read it. More details on Dibbell's website: The incident (and Dibbell's telling of it) was recently referred to in Lawrence Lessig's book Code, and Other Laws of Cyberspace, which I am reading right now and recommend very much.

Also, on less serious matters, in the Faith No More breakthrough video "Epic", Mike Patton is wearing a Mr. Bungle "I've got a tractor in my balls" t-shirt.

The cover of the album Mr. Bungle bears an image from the comic book series Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children

Mr. Bungle (self-titled), 1991, Beat Me Up, Lord Music

Mr. Bungle is the self-titled 1991 debut from the bizarre high-school band Mike Patton kept alive even while he was achieving fame and fortune fronting Faith No More. Mr. Bungle's style is impossible to categorize except to call it a blend of rock, ska, funk, and insanity. Mike Patton's musical lunacy comes through loud and clear, in a way that Faith No More only approached on such songs as Caffeine on the album Angel Dust. This album is dark like the woods behind a nighttime carnival, which is where you go to puke when you've gotten sick on the rides. It taps into the deep humanity on display at any circus or carnival, revealing the undercurrent of fragility and absurdity underneath the clown's make-up. It's got a psychedelic feel that simultaneously evokes the wonder of being alive at a carnival and the kind of paranoia that you might feel if you were surrounded by slowly advancing clowns. The message isn't so much "life is like a carnival" as "life is a carnival". That we are all, in our own ways, clowns, masked, good and evil, walking spectacles on display for the world. That deep down, the feelings of awe and revulsion you might get walking through a freakshow tent reflect some dark, unacknowledged discomfort with the costumes of our own bizarre egos. The fears of death and of being alive guide this album from start to finish, as it navigates through the carnival. This album is a veritable tour of the subconscious human mind, it's dreamlike character enhanced by the frequent transitions from one musical space to the next. We visit the realms of childhood and family, sex, violence, perversion, and insanity. This album is a trip, a musical ride on some aging carnival contraption that is scary more because of the rust on the bolts holding it together than for the ways it throws you around. If you don't have a strong stomach, musically speaking, this album isn't for you. But if the idea of being tossed around in a funhouse of humanity in care of the prowess of Mr. Bungle's remarkable musicianship and Mike Patton's freakish vocals appeals to you, this album is a must.

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