Mr. Bungle was also the notorious character on LambdaMOO who virtually raped several other characters via voodoo powers.

"A Rape in Cyberspace" was documented by Julian Dibbell in 1993 in The Village Voice (and was included in Flame Wars edited by Mark Dery (1994)). Dibbell has since written a whole book about his experiences on LambdaMOO called My Tiny Life : Crime and Passion in a Virtual World (1998), but I haven't read it. More details on Dibbell's website: The incident (and Dibbell's telling of it) was recently referred to in Lawrence Lessig's book Code, and Other Laws of Cyberspace, which I am reading right now and recommend very much.

Also, on less serious matters, in the Faith No More breakthrough video "Epic", Mike Patton is wearing a Mr. Bungle "I've got a tractor in my balls" t-shirt.

The cover of the album Mr. Bungle bears an image from the comic book series Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children