As you may be aware, the Village Voice- an ultra-liberal, totally free New York weekly- is distributed from red plastic boxes set up all around the city. But depending on where you are when, the boxes are often empty. So, this node is for writing up the all important exact LOCATION of any such boxes that you may know:

My contribution (to be expounded upon in time to come)-

In Queens (yes Queens!):

  • At the corner of Hillside Avenue and Sutphin Boulevard
  • Also on Hillside Avenue, at the corner of Parsons Boulevard
  • Hillside Avenue and 151st Street
  • Hillside Avenue and 173rd Street
  • On Austin Street, at the corner of 70th Avenue (there are two boxes on this corner, and one of them is yellow)
  • Also on Austin Street, at the corner of 71st Avenue
  • And... at the corner of Queens Boulevard and 76th Avenue
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