A song from the musical RENT, with a title that translates from French to "the bohemian life". Maureen just performed at the lot protesting Benny's poor treatment of everyone, and she, Joanne, Mimi, Collins, Angel, Mark, and Roger arrive at the Live Cafe, where they encounter Benny. He says that Bohemia is dead, so our heroes sing this song celebrating it. It's a list song and a massive shout-out to all of their influences. Among those mentioned are various artists (musical and otherwise), items of food, writers, sexualities, drugs, and of course, wine and beer. While singing, they dance on the table and generally goof around, which shocks Benny's investor/father-in-law at the next table.

In the middle of everything, Mimi's pager beeps, and she and Roger find that they are both HIV-positive. They sing another song before the reprise, where the first act is ended with a hearty viva la vie BOHEME!

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