Evita is a musical, probably one of the best ones ever, besides Jesus Christ Superstar. It was the first institution to suggest that "Santa Evita" (Eva Peron, first lady of Argentina) wasn't so pious. Eva, to the Argentines, was a great philanthropist and overall saviour of the working class- the "Des Comisados" - shirtless ones. Yet, the musical suggests that
"she had her moments, she had some style....as soon as the smoke from the funeral clears, we're all gonna see, and how, she did nothing for years!"
But for some unknown reason, everyone embraced the musical as a beautiful representation of their Eva. Maybe it was the wonderful music, by Andrew Lloyd Webber, or the convincing book, by Tim Rice, that overshadowed the reality of Eva Peron.

Anyway, it's great, and if you haven't seen it, you should. It's currently touring, but if you can't catch it, there's a wonderful movie, starring Madonna as Eva and Antonio Banderas as Che. I think, unlike many, that Madonna is a perfect Eva. They were both powerful women who slept their way to the top. Not to put a damper on either of them. So rent it or see it, I'm not going to sum up the plot. But I will show the song order.

Act I

1. A Cinema in Buenos Aires, 26 July 1952
2. Requiem for Evita
3. Oh What a Circus
Che and Eva
4. On This Night of a Thousand Stars
Augustine Magaldi
5. Eva and Magaldi / Eva Beware of the City
Eva, Magaldi, Che, and Woman
6. Buenos Aires
7. Another Suitcase in Another Hall
Mistress (in film: Eva and Chorus)
8. Goodnight and Thank-You
Eva, Che, and Chorus
9. The Lady's Got Potential
10. Charity Concert/The Art of the Possible
Magaldi, Peron, Che, and Eva
11. I'd Be Suprisingly Good For You
Eva and Peron
12. Hello and Goodbye
Eva, Peron, and Mistress
13. Peron's Latest Flame
Che, Eva, and Chorus
14. A New Argentina
Eva, Peron, Che, and Chorus

Act II

1. On the Balcony of the Casa Rosada
2. Don't Cry For Me, Argentina
3. On The Balcony of the Casa Rosada 2
4. High Flying, Adored
Che and Eva
5. Rainbow High
Eva and Chorus
6. Rainbow Tour
Che, Peron, Man, Man 2, Eva, Man 3
7. The Actress Hasn't Learned the Lines You'd Like To Hear
Eva and Che
8. And the Money Kept Rolling In (And Out)
9. Partido Feminista
Eva and Chorus
10. She is A Diamond
11. Santa Evita
12. Waltz for Eva and Che
Eva and Che
13. Your Little Body's Slowly Breaking Down
Eva and Peron
(in the film):
14. You Must Love Me
15. Eva's Final Broadcast
16. Latin Chant
17. Lament
Eva and Che

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