The richest and most important province of Argentina throught its history. Its capital is the city of La Plata. It lies in the mideast of the country, with extense shores over the Argentine Sea. It's main cities are Mar del Plata, Bahía Blanca, Olvarría, Junín y Sán Nicolás de los Arroyos.

Buenos Aires' importance lies in its benign climate, fertile grounds, and being the point of convergence of the communication, transportation and energy networks. The area of the province is 307,571 square kilometers, 11% of the country's total area. It has a population of 14,304,380 inhabitants, which accounts for about 39% of the country's total population. 94,5% of these people live in cities.

41,202 industries in the country provide 45% of Argentina's gross industrial income.

The literal translation of Buenos Aires from spanish is 'good airs'.

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