Media movement spread
should have done what it did
anything to do with the bombing
hurt me and hurt my
family and hurt other people
lethal injection of BLAST answering questions to make a bomb
bayonets, military clothing and gear packed into a Ryder the federal siege
the FBI contacted action against the federal Bureau and literature
dealing with intelligence gathering
shoot a mother in the face from the rubble of men who don't like gun control
then go burn babies ourselves?

second anniversary of blood on their heads or arms FBI Agent expose
government conspiracies
the explosion occurred police chief says "I thought we were dead,"
if there was a connection caused by a bomb it is necessary to protect
FBI is not housed in the building just a peaceful farmer,
nation's sorrow, anger, questioned by the FBI and released the object
America's wrath
there might be explosive materials expressed fear of a backlash and
said "I just laughed"
a grassroots movement "We would not do anything there is total
corruption "The federal government
faith in God. ignore supremacist organizations following an explosion
battle with federal agents style of people in the drug trade
gas masks, knives and night vision binoculars,
two- transporting semi-automatic rifles create a totalitarian world government town loaded with guns
shortly after the bombing Michigan Militia leaders denied entire
political system has occurred
'Considerable' loss of life. beginning May 15 gives them justification
running from the burning cars "delusionary" but harmless
the Oklahoma City bombing contact federal officials to check out and
disarm right to vote anybody who (angers them)."
a variety of leads voice trembling with rage. a couple of white guys
home-grown image:
Authorities have identified the national trauma and Attorney General Janet Reno who is dead or dying
dirty track record, not ours something hinted at in other reports
to confirm proven history of using dirty tricks,
"wouldn't you be?"

smoke rises

-Oklahoma City Bombing Media Cut-up-
--the gilded frame--

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