Brand name of Wham-O Flying Discs. Wham-O was bought out by Krans-Co which was in turn bought out by Mattel. Mattel "frisbee" products aren't used by the vast majority of serious players of disc golf or ultimate. Discraft and Innova Champion are most popular among golfers. The Discraft Ultrastar is the disc of choice for Ultimate. In fact, many of the frisbee brand golf discs are manufactured by Innova for Mattel.

Those wacky college kids.
In the 1870s, the Frisbie Pie Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut delivered pies to Yale students. Some mastermind in the 1940s got the idea it would be fun to toss the empty pie tins around. It became a popular diversion.
Then a man named Walter Fredrick Morrison, a UFO fan, developed a metal toy disk, later produced in plastic, that mimicked the flight of the UFOs in the movies (I don't know if there were any patterned off real UFOs. It probably didn't test market as well.) With the help of Wham-O, these hit the shelves as Flyin' Saucers. While on an East Coast promotional tour, the president of Wham-O discovered Harvard and Yale students tossing around pie tins they called "Frisbies". Unaware of the pie company, Wham-O's president Richard Knerr decided to change the name of the Flyin' Saucers to his newly trademarked Frisbee in 1959.

So you tell me where Frisbees really came from.

Types of frisbees:

Ultimate: 175g. This disc has a larger diameter and more even weighting to improve control.

Freestyle: 160g. This disc has more weight around the outside to help make clean throws from awkward trick positions (under the leg, etc.)

Golf: 150g. While there are as many kinds of golf disks as golf clubs, the standerd is this disc. It's smaller and denser than other discs which makes it go far, and dead straight.

Frisbee Dog: 110g. This disc is softer and lighter to avoid tooth damage.

This is the Frisbee Metanode, where I will try and collect all the nodes that are about the greatest sport known to man, Ultimate Frisbee. There will also be any nodes about frisbee in general, for instance nodes that describe throws and such. If you like some of these nodes, or even if you don't like them, you should try playing Ultimate Frisbee. It's a great game. Anyhow, here are the nodes that relate to frisbee. /msg me if you find the ones that I've missed or write some new ones.

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