Norwood, also called the footbrush, is a way to throw a frisbee, using the term throw in the loosest possible sense. Basically, you hold the disc in between your hands, with your hands on opposite sides, and start it spinning at about waist height, with the edge of the disc towards and you and tilted down at an angle of say, 45 degrees. Maybe a little less than that. Unfortunately, throwing Norwood is not an exact science. So now you have a disc which is spinning and tilted down towards you, and is falling. One other thing - to start it spinning, you should move your left hand away from you and your right hand towards you, so that it is spinning clockwise if you look at it from above. Now the tricky part. Kick the disc, except don't just kick it with your toe, brush it with the top and outside of your foot on the left side of the disc so that the kick tends to increase the spin on the disc. If you time it right, and kick it right, you can get it to fly for about ten yards(although I've seen better). The trick is in getting plenty of spin to start with, and then brushing it so that you don't lose any spin but still give the disc forward momentum. It's a hard throw, but it's really fun and looks cool if you get it right. Norwood is much easier to throw(kick?) in some types of shoes. It's easier in sneakers than in cleats usually, although certain types of Adidas cleats work incredibly well for Norwood. Norwood is illegal to throw in Ultimate, since you have to throw the disc to yourself.

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