A retail establishment with a number of locations in southeastern New England. It sells all manner of odd items cheaply. They get their stock from warehouse fires and floods, manufacturers irregulars, overstocks, discontinues and any other non-traditional source for manufactured goods. You never know what you will find there, it could be a Mr. T paper table cloth for $1 or a Ralph Lauren silk shirt for $5.

Each location is given it's own fraction as part of it's name, like Building 19 1/8, or Building #19 1/15. Their tagline is "Good stuff cheap" and the slogan on the wall says "Have a Cheap Day"
They occasionally air "Another Building #19 cheap commercial" featuring a poorly made sock puppet talking about new items on sale.

Locations in: Norwood, Hingham, Burlington, Worchester, Swansea, and Lynn Mass. as well as Nashua, NH and Pawtucket, RI.

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