An establishment in Brattleboro, Vt that is the Building #19 of food shopping. Which is to say it is a sad looking, decrepit ex-grocery store where they sell wilted lettuce, unlabelled canned food, bags of cereal with no boxes and all manner of time-expired or damaged food products. The prices are, of course, dirt cheap. It's kinda scary, but then, also quite a boon for impoverished college students.

This store is by far one of the greatest supermarkets I've ever come across, and it's not just a great place for poor college students - it's a great place for ALL the less fortunate people who live in the area.

Contrary to the portrait Illumina has painted of the store, the food is not all expired or out of the boxes and I've never seen less-than fresh produce. I used to travel an hour to do my grocery shopping there when I lived in Vermont. Granted, the Boston Barn is far from a "full-service" food store - they never have everything you need, but if you're short on funds and aren't overly picky about what you eat or what the container it came in looks like, then this is a wonderful place.

There is a little of everything here including: dry goods, fresh produce, milk and cheeses, candy, baking supplies, canned goods, fresh bread, baby supplies, feminine hygiene products, paper products, and animal foods. They'll accept cash and/or food stamps and that's it. No checks, no credit.

Okay, yes, the place is a little scary-looking, especially the first time you go, but if you really NEED to be shopping there then you quickly overlook the old linoleum floors and the other strange-looking shoppers. The people working there are all very kind and they'll pack all your stuff into a big cardboard box for you, which I actually find more convenient than a whole bunch of bags.

I would definately advise anyone in the area to check it out if you're finding it hard to make ends meet. Even if you can afford to go to the Grand Union or Shop N' Save, this is a great place for bargainhunters that can deal with a dented can or two.

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