A container constructed out of ground up, layered, pressed, and glued wood particles. When closed up it will form a box.

You put things in. You take things out. Endlessly versatile. Refrigerator boxes make excellent lemonade stands, shoe boxes are great places for cute kitty cats to sleep. Backyard. Combine many boxes of varying shapes and sizes to form a maze-like fort. Camp out. Flashlights, blankets, snacks.
In the Metal Gear series, the cardboard box is, in my opinion, the single coolest item or weapon in any video game ever made. Not only does it serve an actual purpose for its existence, but it's funny as hell.

In Metal Gear, Solid Snake could use the cardboard box to hide from the enemy's sight thus avoiding conflict. The box had a funny green tint to it and with the 3/4 view, it just looked out of place. I personally have gotten many laughs from watching a green box kill guards.

In Metal Gear Solid, the cardboard box took on a few changes. There were now multiple boxes each with a different label on them. These labels allow snake to travel by hiding in a the back of a truck and waiting for a guard to come by, read the label, and deliver you to the place indicated. Guards also become a tad smarter in this game; when a guard finds a cardboard box in an odd place or in his path a question mark (?) appears over his head. The sentry will examine the box. If the guard thinks it may be a threat he will either begin shooting the box or kicking over the box and discovering that it is indeed something he may wish to kill. Unlike the NES version you cannot shoot while in the box, so this adds more excitement, but takes away the novelty of the matter.

To avoid detection while using the cardboard box, it is a good idea to stay out of enemy patrol routes. Also, guards tend not to ask questions when they see a box walking and skip right to the shooting process. Cardboard boxes do not help Snake hide from trip lasers, land mines, dogs, or guards who have already been alerted to your presence. Security cameras also understand the fact that moving boxes are not normal boxes, although they can not inspect the box in the way guards can. In my opinion, it is a good idea to use the box either to hide from danger or to laugh in its face. Just keep in mind, a dog peeing on your box is good thing.

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