Sometimes people feel lonely. Often we miss the ones we love while they are away. Somedays the world is against us and we seem to have no more luck. It's time like these we need a someone to hold us tight and tell us everything will be all right. That's what friends are for, but what do you do when your friends are out of reach? What do you do when you know someone that might need to be cheered up while you're away? The answer is simple. You make your friend a box... a happy box.

What is a Happy Box?:
It is a small box (typically a cardboard shoe box) filled with items to bring joy to a someone that you care about. They are filled with toys and goodies to bring to mind happy memories and help forget the ugly ones at hand.

Why (or when) do you give happy boxes?:
You give them when someone is simply depressed, or you know they will be. Occasions include:
  • Breaking up with a boyfriend/Girlfriend
  • Loss of someone close
  • Extended away
  • Crisis in family, between friends, or in life
  • Just because you know they may need it someday
  • ... or in the middle of the night
The giving isn't the important part, but rather that it is there when your friend needs too feel all soft and chewy on the inside. I mean of course you have to give it to them to be happy, and anyone else giving it to them wouldn't make them feel the same. The point is that you can give it to anyone, anytime as long as they can open it when they need to.

How to assemble such a box:
1) Locate a choice box. The box should be small enough to store easily in a bedroom, but large enough to hold enough happy objects.
2) Decorate said box in a bright, fun manner. Does the person like someone of the opposite sex (not a significant other, this could be bad if they break up)? Plastering the box with hotties always helps. Do they have a favorite animal? Song (write out lyrics)? Color? Movie? Food? Anything that makes them smile will help.
3) Fill the box. Much like the outside, fill the inside with things they like. Make it personal. Stress your friendship and the good times. Photos, reminders of inside jokes, ticket stubs, and anything that you might share with the person that would make them happy will help. Don't give away everything that makes you happy, but it is for a good cause. It doesn't have to be too personal... I mean, if penguins makes your friend happy (and they should) add one in there for good measure. Food is always good. If you know what is hurting them (or going to hurt them) gear the items in the box to counter that pain.
4) Make a table of contents. List all the things you piled into the box on the inside of the lid. If they lose, eat, or use something, there will be a reminder of that happy thought. It also is fun to look over before you send the box (and makes sure you have everything you want).
5) Write a letter. Let your buddy know what they mean to you and how much you love them. Write it out on the bottom of the box. This saves the best for last, and ensures you won't lose it. It also allows you to have a defined end to your project.
6) Deliver the project with a smile and hugs.

It is important that a Happy Box is individual and made for one person. It is also important to make sure any food isn't perishable... this could make a happy box turn sad. A happy box can bring joy on more than one occasion, but it is always a good idea to update it from time to time. Just like an old joke loses it's humor after you hear it a million time, the box could get old. Keep it fresh or replace it all together. Good luck and stay happy!

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