The Transmogrifier
(as seen in Calvin and Hobbes)

Do not be fooled by its plain appearance as a overturned cardboard box! This undisputably necessary childhood play device can transmogrify anything placed within its confines to anything else -- limited only by the user's imagination!

Now also available - the ray gun transmogrifier. This allows the user to escape the space limitation of the box transmogrifier and gain a fully portable operational transmogrifier. Change friends into funny creatures and laugh at them!

Known limitations: transmogrification only lasts until playtime is over.

Special offer:
If you are one of the next 50 callers, not *only* will you get BOTH the box transmogrifier and the ray gun transmogrifier for the price of just the box transmogrifier but you will receive special instructions on how to transform the box transmogrifier into a time travel device!!

Batteries not necessary. Call now. Our operators are waiting. We accept all major credit cards.)

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