Someone dear to me likes to remind me from time to time that Wednesday is "anything can happen" day. I find it amusing and usually true. So today:

- My doorbell started to ring of its own accord. Then a really loud buzzing noise came from the bell speaker inside. Turns out the button was smashed somehow and rain leaked in. It was thisclose to it starting an electrical fire - my father-in-law fortuitously dropped by and disconnected the thingy before anything bad could happen.

- I found twenty dollars laying on the ground today, after pulling into a parking spot at work right beside the door (this is nothing short of miraculous) and it was pouring rain and I had no umbrella. So I managed to avoid getting soaked and I had money to put more gas in the car.

- I went to my family doctor who *gasp!* has finally decided to get things moving in a forward direction and is referring me to various specialists. Why it took nearly a year to get this done I cannot fathom but I am grateful beyond belief.

- My godson had is confirmation today, so right after work I had to speed to a town that usually takes 30 minutes to drive to. Tonight it took an hour and a half. The fog was so thick and so low to the ground we couldn't even see the hood of our car. My beloved (and did I mention non-Catholic) husband, bless his soul, drove me there and back without a single complaint. The drive home was stressful beyond belief and I damn near rubbed St. Christopher right off my medallion. We made it home in one piece and for that I am thankful.

I can't wait to see what next Wednesday brings.

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