So I'm sure you've all heard the big news coming out of the G20 Summit by now, probably from the front page or something. It's the biggest news besides the new American Federal cigarette tax. So they've decided that the solution to the world financial collapse is to go to One World Bank and issue a currency, called the "Global" (Ɠ) This way all debts that countries owe other countries would be wiped clean, essentially, and everybody gets to move on from that point forward with a virtual clean slate. The idea is pretty simple at its core, since almost every nation owes almost every other nation and it is debt, if all debts are forgiven, then each country would come out about even since, while they are forgiving debts to them, debts they have to other nations are being forgiven as well as everybody moves to the same currency and financial system. To give everybody time to prepare, this isn't supposed to kick in until July of 2010.

Of course this has the religious folk getting all out of sorts, worried about New World Order, the Tribulation, Mark of the Beast, and the Antichrist and all that rubbish. They're afraid that everybody will be forced to have an account with this new World Bank and access it using an RFID chip implanted in their hands or wrists (which would be the Mark of the Beast, of course, I mean, the RFID chip is mentioned in the Bible, right?? Somewhere??). I think all that is a bunch of superstitious nonsense. I would have a problem with the chip for completely different reasons (the whole Big Brother, 1984 thing) but they haven't even said anything about a chip yet, or being forced to use only that bank.

I don't like getting rid of the dollar any more than the English will like doing away with the pound or the Europeans will like changing from the Euro (I mean, you guys have probably just gotten used to changing to the Euro from something else). But if this will keep the world from going into complete financial meltdown, so be it. I'll accept the Global. It's gonna be weird writing or typing Ɠ instead of $ but like anything it'll take getting used to. Besides, even though I've never traveled abroad yet and don't have personal experience, I'd imagine it'd be quite convenient never having to change your currency when you get there.

So I guess all I have left to say is I can't wait to see what the Global will look like. They're going to start accepting design submissions next week. As a designer, if I have time, I think that I'll submit one. Sounds like a fun project. And if they like mine, that's certainly something to tell the grandchildren someday, that I was the designer of the world money.

Why do you keep on trying to pick up

Tears with a ladle ?

Why do you want to seize my shrieks in an empty, used, chips bag ?!

Why do you fry my heart in a dirty pan ?

Do you somehow assume I don't know that

The Ladle

The Bag

And the Pan

All belong to your

crude nonchalance?

Through fear and cowardice, I have repaid tenfold the pain delivered to me by her. Four years we've been at it, trying to make work what wouldn't. Who knows why.

I didn't tell her who I was going to Hawaii with. I lied about a few other minor details. White lies, I told myself. And in the leadup, I couldn't didn't tell her the truths. I lived in fear of her responses, so I avoided the question. I arrived back home, 2AM, March 31, 2009. She was laying in my bed asleep. My room had been cleaned. Three beers on my pillow. I began to cry, as I felt the gravity of the situation sucking me earthward.

Today, I told her all. Today, I found I couldn't help her anymore than I've ever been able to.

Today, I learned a lesson: Cowardice will only bring pain.

Tomorrow, the day after, and onwards, I will learn whether that last statement is a lie. I hope that she did not suffer my pathetic lies in vain.

He's leaning against the bookcase when she walks through the doorSeeing her hips sway reminds him of the last time they were in bed together. Her head turns to the side when he tries to kiss her. Car keys fly past his head as she kicks off her shoes. Helplessly he stares at her light blue bra. The way she had shoved her breasts in his face the day she bought it makes him uncomfortable now. Shower sounds break his reverie. Down in the basement he can’t remember how she folds towels. Eleven minutes pass before the running water stops. One towel winds around her body. The other coils around her hair. Back in her room fresh sheets hide beneath the bedcovers. A salad is waiting for her in the kitchen. Two lime wedges garnish the last Corona.

Hundreds of times he’s stood in the kitchen watching her make dressing. Today vinegar and oil stain her favorite sweatshirt. A wooden splinter sticks in her foot as she runs down the hall. Emotion tightens his chest when he finds her huddled under the covers. Wayward strands of hair decorate his pillow. Carefully he lies down next to herTentative hands move up and down her back. She’s crying now but if he pulls her closer she’ll get the wrong idea. Hours later they wake up. Her apology is whispered. Bare skin lies beneath her sweatshirt. His stomach muscles clench when he feels her breath. With a sigh he rolls over before pulling her next to him. The 'it's OK' feeling replaces frustrated sexual tension. Her hand wanders back to caress him again. Regretfully he shakes his head wondering if she feels loved.

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