Greek olive oil should be:

  • fruity
  • green
  • cold pressed
  • extra virgin
  • viscous
  • unrefined
  • aromatic
  • harvested and bottled in Greece
  • stored in glass and kept away from light and heat
  • allowed to chase high quality Italian balsamic vinegar around tender baby salad greens

    Greek olive oil should not be:

  • acidic
  • yellow
  • wasted or hoarded
  • drunk from the bottle
  • permitted to go rancid
  • allowed to cohabitat with oils from other countries

    Greek olive oil may be:

  • cloudy
  • used to sautier
  • successfully substituted in recipes calling for vegetable oil
  • expensive, it may not last long but it is very definitely worth it

    Greek olive oil can also be:

  • sublime
  • sensual
  • flavorful
  • massaged into someone else

    Greek olive oil will not:

  • heal the sick
  • raise the dead
  • cast out demons
  • save the world

    Greek olive oil may:

  • perk up your salad
  • go well with Chianti
  • improve your health
  • be a great gift idea

    Greek olive oil is the only thing missing from the following sentence:

  • A loaf of bread, a jug of wine and thou

    Greek olive oil. Greek yogurt. Greek philosophy. Good things come from Greece.


    Apatrix says re Greek olive oil: But there's Greek olive oil and there's Greek olive oil. You get your oil from Lesbos or Crete. You don't get it from Kalamata or Attica or you might as well buy Spanish!


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