Naked men, C-rations and tea

When we were station in Taipei, Taiwan and the wonderful Mr Loo was in my life, we had the occasion to visit the R&R center at Okuma Beach, Okinawa. While Sister and I enjoyed the grassy play area in our seersucker sun suits, Dad lounged on the beach, Mom used the binoculars to scan a small, far off island that was rumored to have naked men on it.

We were only there for a few days when an incoming typhoon caused us to be evacuated down the side of a treacherous mountain and then off to Kadena Air Base, Japan where we spent a few days at the Visitor’s Quarters dining on C-rations while the wind and rain whipped around furiously. Soon we were on a ship following the tail end of the typhoon to Singapore.

The waters were so rough Sister and I spent a great deal of the voyage with our heads in paper bags. Once we got to Singapore, there was no one at Customs to check us through. Tired, and with two very sick little girls, our parents decided to just go on home to Taiwan. Needless to say the Chinese took a dim view of our ill manners and we were charged with “jumping ship.” Dad put on his best uniform, went down to the Customs office and humbly apologized over tea.

Mom never did get to see any of those naked men.

April is Month of the Military Child

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