It has nothing to do with balls or blenders, unfortunately, but I have news.

I found out this morning that my former company, the one I left right after this nodermeet, on Halloween 2005, it is no more! My old boss sold it yesterday. He sold all the accounts, domain names, and equipment, all for probably next-to-nothing.

When I left it was a revolving door of web designers ever since. His knack for having almost no respect for other human beings other than himself made sure that most of them didn't last longer than 48 hours, some of them lasted less than 2. Few lasted a significant period of time. Anyway, me leaving, at least I think, was the beginning of the end. And when another guy (who works with me here now) left six months ago, who was pretty much keeping the company afloat, when he left it really WAS the end. Most people (me and other former Inmates) were surprised that it'd lasted this long.

Guess what my former boss is doing now? Selling electric bicycles for a ridiculous mark-up. Yes that's right, I said electric bicycles. Good luck with that!

So, seeya later, Crap-pages! Now maybe its clients will get some real service now. Like, they won't be cussed out over the phone on a semi-regular basis anymore. Yes, you read that correctly. Oh, dude, do I have stories from that place, seriously! You have no idea.

it is cold out again. the snow melted the last few days, i could see the grass. soggy and ruined by the winter but still there and i wanted so badly for it to be time for the warm sun and for the green and the life.. it is only february, though, and i am searching for warmer thoughts. found this one, from some time before the cold..

it is windy and warm enough, considering the season. some leaves have fallen and my dad and i are out for a walk around the yard. my sister's little one awkwardly walking along beside us, his small feet clambering over the gravel as if the larger stones are boulders and he is off balance always, little fingers reaching for my hand - just in case.

my dad is the sort of person who sees things most people miss - in the trees, on the ground. hears things you wouldn't think to listen for. sometimes in the warmer weather when time and his health allow, we take long walks. he often chides me because i can't ever seem to walk as quietly as he can. the twigs snap and the leaves crunch beneath my feet while he somehow misses them all with his mostly silent steps. he points out creatures amidst the trees, various tracks, nests in obscure locations. occasionally there is a sudden stop and i am hushed, he points - there is a deer a fair distance away, alerted to our presence but not yet startled enough to flee.

this particular day, in the yard - the sky is a strange greyish orange - a late afternoon rain on its way. my nephew is talking in his little words, in love with every stone he sees. looking for little frogs, although he refuses to get too close to them. dad looks off for a moment and then pauses, hushes us both and kneels beside the little one.

whispers now, do you hear that? "yeah i can hear it grumpa" that's the rain comin'.. and i can hear it now, too. falling in sheets, it is visible a few miles away.

little words, quiet like his grandpa, "rain gonna come down soon". yes it is, little one. and we slow-walk back to the house with the droplets on our heels.

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