This is a good game to play during Ultimate Frisbee tournaments when you have a bye between games and are watching someone else's game. Everybody picks a player in the game, and keeps track of the game, scoring points every time the player makes a good play.

scoring is as follows, although you can pretty much make up your own values for each play if you feel like weighting it differently.

  • any throw or reception for a score- 1 point
  • d-block or point block- 2 points
  • layout d-block/ scoring catch- 3 points
  • greatest-4 points
Furthermore, all points on upside-down throws (hammer, scoober) are doubled

One of the most important parts of Fantasy League is heckling- make sure your player knows that he is playing for immortality, and heckle (in a good-natured manner) the game, tell your player to throw for the score, layout and do other point-gaining behaviors. This also makes a good drinking game.

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