A Three Pint Challenge is a drinking game performed fairly regularly on Ultimate Frisbee social nights out. For it, you will need: 1. Two willing volunteers. 2. One clean frisbee. 3. Three pints of random alcoholic beverage (usually lager or bitter). 4. Two McDonald's drinking straws. 5. A stop watch. First, place the frisbee on a table, and empty all three pints into the frisbee, making sure not to spill anything. Next, get the two players to kneel down in front of the frisbee. Assign each player a straw. From the word go, the players must drink the entire contents through the straw as quickly as possible. The team with the slowest time at the end of the night generally have to do some sort of forfeit, which depends on how malicious you're feeling. A word of warning though, drinking 1-2 pints through a straw is a lot different to just quaffing it. Bring a bucket.

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