Disc golf, or Frisbee golf, is a sport where a person sees how many throws of a discus it takes him to land in a metal basket 250 to 500 feet away. Based on the sport of golf, but played with cheaper equipment. Standard holes have a par of 3. Not quite as simple as it seems - like golf clubs, manufacturers have created a variety of discs that are designed for distance, accuracy, short-range putts, etc.

Tends to be derided as a lowbrow sport, but on closer examination, it only lacks golf's aura and (much more importantly) long history. It's very fun and easy to pick up - any frisbee will do, frankly, so don't invest too much in the special 'drivers' and 'putters'. It's easy to learn, but hard to master - it's a deceptively hard sport.

Much of the appeal of the sport is cost factor. Frisbees are easy to find (heck, just dive in creeks/ponds on frisbee golf courses - you'll find a few) and the courses are on public land. The only cost is transportation to the course and back. The land use is much less than a golf course, but it's still too much, IMHO, and the land tends to get polluted with beer cans far too quickly. The sport has a lowbrow image, and so gets the proudly-redneck-and-lowbrow types in droves; be careful, they go to drink, and often careen off drunkenly in their cars after 18 holes.

I'd love to try golf someday, but only after the cost of entry has dropped considerably. And, yes, chizzad, X-Clones are mighty nice, but the Cyclone's longer off the tee, if more erratic. ;-)

Disc Golf is a great game to play on a college campus. The combination of unusual architecture and large open green spaces make it perfect for "object" golf. Holes become things like into the middle garbage can, under the ramp in this direction, hit the back side of that sign a long ways a way, on top of that concrete pillar. You can make up holes as you go along. Strokes are deducted for hitting innocent bystanders, doubled if it's in the head. If you don't win a hole, drink a beer. Can also be played with forties. Warning: Playing a full 18 holes this way will get you really drunk unless you do well on the first few. Campus security, by the way, frowns upon this, so act like you're just tossing if they show up.

Disc Golf rocks. Plain and simple, and there are many reasons why:
  1. A great walk in the park.
  2. Completely co-ed! Great SO activity for any orientation.
  3. If you make the $10 investment in the disc and don't lose it, there are no more costs(might buy more discs later, like a putter or middy.)
  4. The course are free, that means no money to play.
  5. After roughly every six holes you can find a smoke out nook or bench.
  6. Easily takes stress out of daily life, don't take this too seriously as any sport with a frisbee shouldn't.
  7. You meet friendly people on frisbee golf courses
  8. Ching!, the noise the frisbee makes when you unite it with the basket.

Austin, TX offers several courses for frolfers

  • Pease Park - difficult, main campus course, heavy dogwalking and picnicing population, yell fore dummy!
  • Circle C - medium, good luck finding the baskets and your frisbees!
  • Bart - medium, with a chance of a great score, be prepared for monster hucks over water, wear shoes you can get wet or have a well trained pooch
  • Round Rock - only make this drive if you are good
  • Searight - easy, easy only if you are accurate, best course in Austin, take a cooler of beer along with 3 to 4 joints

As far as the best disc, hmmmmm.......I like the Millenium Polaris LS, but the discs are styled for different throwing styles. I have to disagree with the Viper, great distance but serious control issues. Either way, as long as you don't have an Arobe, you'll be fine!

Oh yeah, please pack out or toss your rubbish, that takes away from the whole experience to see trash.

Lately, the discs made for playing frisbee golf have become fairly advanced. Innova can be credited with creating lots of innovative disc profiles which allow outstanding flight characteristics. The Eagle and the Teebird, for example, have very slim and aerodynamic profiles which allows you to throw them extremely far and straight. The Whippet is an understable disc which wants to curve almost immediately after it is thrown. Some discs exist which are excellent for throwing into the wind because they resist turning over.

The Special Edition Teebird is my favorite. I'm also quite fond of my Valkrye and I never get tired of the Gazelle.

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