Disc golf, or Frisbee golf, is a sport where a person sees how many throws of a discus it takes him to land in a metal basket 250 to 500 feet away. Based on the sport of golf, but played with cheaper equipment. Standard holes have a par of 3. Not quite as simple as it seems - like golf clubs, manufacturers have created a variety of discs that are designed for distance, accuracy, short-range putts, etc.

Tends to be derided as a lowbrow sport, but on closer examination, it only lacks golf's aura and (much more importantly) long history. It's very fun and easy to pick up - any frisbee will do, frankly, so don't invest too much in the special 'drivers' and 'putters'. It's easy to learn, but hard to master - it's a deceptively hard sport.

Much of the appeal of the sport is cost factor. Frisbees are easy to find (heck, just dive in creeks/ponds on frisbee golf courses - you'll find a few) and the courses are on public land. The only cost is transportation to the course and back. The land use is much less than a golf course, but it's still too much, IMHO, and the land tends to get polluted with beer cans far too quickly. The sport has a lowbrow image, and so gets the proudly-redneck-and-lowbrow types in droves; be careful, they go to drink, and often careen off drunkenly in their cars after 18 holes.

I'd love to try golf someday, but only after the cost of entry has dropped considerably. And, yes, chizzad, X-Clones are mighty nice, but the Cyclone's longer off the tee, if more erratic. ;-)