Discraft is a company that makes flying discs, which are almost identical to Frisbees, made by Whammo. All the Ultimate players I know prefer Discraft discs, and all the discs you can buy at tournaments are Discraft disc, and teams that have their own discs invariably have them made by Discraft. This is for a very good reason, agreed upon by many intelligent college students who play frisbee, all of whom are quite capable of intelligent discourse upon the subject of flying discs. The reason is this - Discraft discs are better.

I kid you not. This is the one reason, the only reason, why Discraft discs are used by Ultimate players everywhere. I have tried many times to get a player to explain clearly why Discraft discs' are better. No one has been able to explain it. I am totally at a loss, however, I've played with both kinds of discs, and I completely agree. Somehow the Discraft disc is better. The edge is somehow better, and it's easier to grip, and somehow just better. I can't explain it, but I really prefer to play with Discraft discs, just like every other Ultimate player I've asked. Are there Ultimate players out there who do like Whammo discs better? Are there tournaments and teams that have Whammo frisbees printed up? Does anyone out there know why a Discraft disc is better than a Whammo frisbee?

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