A frisbee throwing technique. The idea is that you push down on the frisbee just as you are releasing it, so the frisbee starts out going down, but then the spin on the disc creates loft and the disc rises back up, appearing to "bounce" off the air. It is important to note the difference between pushing down on the disc and throwing the disc towards the ground. You want to throw the disc slightly upward, while pushing down on it. The disc should start going down quickly(but not pointing down), then start to fly up. The disc will point up the whole time. The easiest throw to air-bounce is the backhand, since you are able to push down with your thumb. It is also possible to air-bounce Swiss Miss, but it is almost impossible to air-bounce a forehand or most other throws. Generally in a game you do not want to air-bounce throws, since an air-bounced throw will hang in the air for a second or two at the end of its flight path, giving the defense a chance to knock it away. Air-bounce also makes outside-in throws in particular go straight into the ground.

Air-bounce can also be used to make a throw drop low to the ground, and this gives rise to the air-bounce game.

You need:
A keg of beer
A bunch of cups
A few frisbees

First off, give everyone a beer. Beer is good. Now, have someone(i.e. a freshman) lie on the ground with a full or mostly full cup of beer on their chest. Everyone else now takes turns throwing discs at the cup, attempting to knock it so that it spills on the freshman. If you hit the person without knocking the beer, however, you have to go lie down, put the beer on your chest, and the person who was lying down now gets to go throw at you. The most effective throw in this game is probably an air-bounce backhand, although you can use any throw you want. You can add many variations to this, mostly involving drinking more beer.

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