The Zone Breaker 2000 is one of the most bizarre looking ways to throw a frisbee. It is also one of the few throws that has a name with some reason behind it. The name comes from the fact that it was supposedly made legal by the UPA to use in games in 2000, although if anyone has ever used the ZB2K in a game I would be very surprised. The Zone Breaker part of the name is because you could(I suppose) use it to break a zone defense. The ZB2K is simply an air-bounce backhand over your head. To throw it, lean forward, bring your hand as far back over your head as you can, and then throw an air-bounce backhand over your head. I'd recommend being able to throw a pretty good air-bounce backhand before attempting the ZB2K. The ZB2K is one of my favorite wack throws. It looks extremely bizarre, since you have to move your entire body into a weird position to have any chance of throwing it, and you have to move rather quickly. It's a much more sudden movement than most frisbee throws, and to the receiver, it looks almost spastic.

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