I received mail from a company in Helsinki regarding my recent job application. I did not get hired.
This didn't come as a surprise, but I love it how they sugar code the message.
Instead of "You never had any chance to begin with because of your poor experience and education", they come up with stuff like "We feel you would fit into our team nicely, but unfortunately can't hire you at the moment."
Yeah, right. What happened to honesty?

Well, at least I won't be unemployed. And my current job is OK, if not counting the almost non-existent pay (which will never get any higher) and my superiors' constant bitching about me spending too much time in IRC. Thankfully they aren't aware of my Everything addiction yet. I have to keep my noding from work minimal to keep them from finding it out.


The weekend has started!
Not that I would have any special plans or anything. I just felt like typing that in bold lettering with an exclamation point.

The job situation I was cursing earlier seems to be a bit different from what I thought. They didn't hire anybody for the job yet, and moved the hiring for later. And unless the mail I got is full of BS, I not the worst candidate imaginable for the position. Gotta keep my fingers crossed.

OK, time to forget all that work-related crap, it's the weekend! Too bad I'm almost out of herbal remedies. But noding, Pepsi Max and funky techno are more than enough to keep me going. Maybe I'll top that with some RollCage II later on.. "The Biggest Club in Finland" is held again tonight in this small town, but I don't feel like going. Go ahead and call me a geek. ;)

1 cup coffee with cream
1 large glass orange juice
1 small bag cheddar cheese pretzel combos
1 cheese danish

yes. i had a crappy breakfast. i am nervous. i don't think i'll wind up getting any work done today. i'm going to be chained to the stock market watching and wondering. heh. and it's not even ME who's got money out there today. but i'm ripping my hair out anyways. argh.

GUH! What a day. i hate it when i feel like the survival of the entire earth revolves around me. mountains could fall and cracks in the earth could open up and right now it'd be all my fault if it happened. that's what today is like. please lord let this work.

i really really try hard not to be overly concerned with money. but. but but but.


i gotta relax.

okay. i'm relaxed. it is all out of my hands and i have no control over the situation and worrying about it will do no good. life goes on with or without money.

another cup of belgian-chocolate-nut coffee with hazlenut creamer will do me for now, then a lunchtime meeting. then we'll see how the rest of the day goes.

my boyfriend is coming over tonight to stay with me since i'll be leaving tomorrow on a family vacation for a bit. he is scrumptious and yummy. i'll miss him while i'm gone. i'll have to spend some time tonight finishing up my laundry and getting the house presentable for the arrival of grandparents but there isn't any worry that i'll ignore my girlfriendly duties.

well. i mentioned the lunch meeting... you know how sometimes you speak up about something and then aren't sure if you're going to get your ass kissed or chewed? well. i spoke up in that meeting, and afterwards begin to wonder if it had been a good idea. however. apparently my point was well made, and a supervisor came and spoke with me afterwards and promised to have the situation rectified (including some issues i'd long ago given up on). fortunately i have all my ducks in a row and i had all the paperwork readily available to back up what i had said and to help get the process finished quickly. Yay me.
"Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your life"

So they say.

I'm still sick-feeling, but I don't have that feeling of constant readiness to hurl anymore, and I can enjoy smoking again.

Thank the Good Lord for that.

I'm getting ready to shut this box down and then start hosing all the cracked apps I have on here, 'cause it's my last day here at Quokka. New gig starts Monday.

I have a "Separation Interview" in about an hour now. Maybe I'll come back and post on that, but the main jist of it is:

You know, not everybody wants to take over the world

Translation: I'm off like a prom dress to a NEW company that will be paying me to waste all my time in here...


To market, to market... or not. I personally hope that the stock market corrects quickly and dramatically. I just got a raise; I can afford to contribute to my 401K now. I'm not interested in allocating contributions to index funds if the indices are going to stall.
Pulling the covers over my head. I was in bed at bedtime and asleep at a reasonable hour, but the low pressure system hanging over the area combined with the spottiness of sunshine all week has left me gray. I played alarm tag until I was about 15 minutes late to rise, and called in to work to say I'd be about an hour late. Then I noded my dream and had some good coffee. My wallet was empty, so I couldn't get my customary White Castle cheeseburgers from the roach coach; then I stayed in for lunchtime to make up for being late. We had ice cream cake for the research chemist's birthday, so I didn't starve.
Aisle, be seeing you... Got a formal invitation to my best friends' wedding shower. They are going to Italy for the wedding, and staying there for the honeymoon. I envy them.
It's official... I'm pregnant!!! Thank you to all who sent glad tidings in true E2 form. Soft linking as commenting is cool (even yours, DMan!). And special thanks to jessicapierce for your /msg. It gave me that warm fuzzy feeling. It's nice to know that there are so many wonderful, compassionate people here.

You all rock!!!

BTW, anticipated due date is December 11, 2000.
So I am not exactly pregnant, but hey my day was as equally interesting.1

1hmm, not that I think about it, it wasn't as interesting.2

2Congrats, Fugitive, 'You will find gold pieces by the bushel'3

3twas my fortune cookie that I pass on to thee.4

4This is the only thing that happened today: I learned how to use HTML footnotes...

I went to the Ute Lemper concert in the Town Hall in New York City. I didn't expect to pick up Didi (from Kit Lo hangs out with a girl...), but I went to the subway station in front of Columbia University anyways. After a half hour, I went back from Columbia to 42nd Street thinking that I should wait up for her before the concert. I went back to the Town Hall, and I saw a few of the fans I met in Carnegie Hall. We chatted a bit and that's when Didi dropped by, wearing all leather -- isn't she lovely? Well, by then it's showtime at 8:00 PM. I can't wait to see Ute again...

Unlike the March 24th concert in Carnegie Hall, Ute brought over a rock band and her French composer buddy Bruno Fontaine with a piano and keyboard combination. She has a guy for the drums, one for the guitar, one for bass, and one for saxophone. The band played the works of Kurt Weill, some poetry from Jacques Prevert, and a bit Ute's new album Punishing Kiss (songs from Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Phillip Glass and The Divine Comedy). The concert, while taking place in a moderately large theatre, has the same silliness from the Joe's Pub concerts. She bit a guy on the neck when she did I am a Vamp from her Berlin Cabaret Songs albums.

Didi didn't sit next to me this time, but she sat in the front row, and I was in the center of the orchestra section. Obviously, we didn't talk a lot in the concert.

After the concert (dangling at the end, with Ute doing standing ovations and a few songs for a few times), the fans (and myself) moved in to the stage door to ask for autographs. It was an hour before Ute came out, and she came out wearing a leather coat and pants. Didi also came to the show wearing the same look! Didi shrugged it off, but I always say that she bears a striking resemblance to Ute. I posed with the ladies for a picture -- in between them. It's like "the women of my life -- aren't they cool!?" kind of a thing.

After the show, I asked Didi if she had dinner. She rushed out from work to the concert, so I treated her to dinner. The place is just the same as before -- Ellen's Stardust Diner. Because the time was late (around 11:00 PM), we just ordered two quick plates and that's it. I talked to her for a bit about what happened after the Carnegie Hall concert, and a bit about E2. It's starting to be a bit sad for me... The late dinner cost around $15.00, and I paid for it (as always -- I should always pay for dinner).

After the dinner, I wanted to drop off Didi back to her place. She wanted to go back home on her own, saying that it would take me too much time to go. I always have time to kill, so I told her so. In the end, I'll let her go on her own. It's for her own good.

I took another subway home with the frustration of what have I done wrong. I think she'll only recognize me as a fellow Ute Lemper fan and nothing more. I don't think I will ever have a chance to take her out to a real date. If I was closer to being a human being, I would kill myself.

This is for all you voyeurs out there, who love to read a life. if that's not you, ignore this.
On the way to work (i commute with my father) i have a thought. Was i hanging out with a bunch of bona fide rock stars?

Dad, what do the Drunk Stuntmen look like?

Well, one of them had dreadlocks

(check, he said he just cut them off)

And, uh, one of them was tall and looked like Roger Waters

(check, i think) That was the singer, right?

Yeah. Why?

Uh, nothing. I was just hanging out with local celebrities and didn't know it.

My dad says they rock. I have never seen them. Oh-kay. but there's no real slick way to ask, so, what's the name of your band? when you think you know, but don't know anything about them, really.

(Note: This was originally located in "The ICQ Message I can't believe I just sent". Honestly, I don't think it has any value except as a glimpse into my life... which makes it more appropriate for a daylog, I think. Consequently, I've moved it here and am going to have the old writeup nuked.)
Presented here, raw and unedited (except for hard links, of course)

Ok.  Because I like you a lot, and I'd hate to think I'd 
just screwed things between us up.

PS: Yes, I know that "I like you a lot" is pretty
ambiguous.  I used it because I wanted to let you know that
I'm interested in you in a romantic sense, without 
presuming too much on our rather brief acquaintance, and 
while leaving enough leeway that I could easily step back 
to the friendship angle, should you not be interested.

PPS:  Wow.  I'm not usually this open.  I'm beginning to 
wonder if my roommate slipped something into my Nestea 
while I wasn't looking.  ;)
Her response: (Summarized and interpreted for your benefit)

Well, even though we've only known each other for TEN FREAKIN' DAYS (emphasis mine), I don't want to risk our friendship.

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