I went to the Ute Lemper concert in the Town Hall in New York City. I didn't expect to pick up Didi (from Kit Lo hangs out with a girl...), but I went to the subway station in front of Columbia University anyways. After a half hour, I went back from Columbia to 42nd Street thinking that I should wait up for her before the concert. I went back to the Town Hall, and I saw a few of the fans I met in Carnegie Hall. We chatted a bit and that's when Didi dropped by, wearing all leather -- isn't she lovely? Well, by then it's showtime at 8:00 PM. I can't wait to see Ute again...

Unlike the March 24th concert in Carnegie Hall, Ute brought over a rock band and her French composer buddy Bruno Fontaine with a piano and keyboard combination. She has a guy for the drums, one for the guitar, one for bass, and one for saxophone. The band played the works of Kurt Weill, some poetry from Jacques Prevert, and a bit Ute's new album Punishing Kiss (songs from Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Phillip Glass and The Divine Comedy). The concert, while taking place in a moderately large theatre, has the same silliness from the Joe's Pub concerts. She bit a guy on the neck when she did I am a Vamp from her Berlin Cabaret Songs albums.

Didi didn't sit next to me this time, but she sat in the front row, and I was in the center of the orchestra section. Obviously, we didn't talk a lot in the concert.

After the concert (dangling at the end, with Ute doing standing ovations and a few songs for a few times), the fans (and myself) moved in to the stage door to ask for autographs. It was an hour before Ute came out, and she came out wearing a leather coat and pants. Didi also came to the show wearing the same look! Didi shrugged it off, but I always say that she bears a striking resemblance to Ute. I posed with the ladies for a picture -- in between them. It's like "the women of my life -- aren't they cool!?" kind of a thing.

After the show, I asked Didi if she had dinner. She rushed out from work to the concert, so I treated her to dinner. The place is just the same as before -- Ellen's Stardust Diner. Because the time was late (around 11:00 PM), we just ordered two quick plates and that's it. I talked to her for a bit about what happened after the Carnegie Hall concert, and a bit about E2. It's starting to be a bit sad for me... The late dinner cost around $15.00, and I paid for it (as always -- I should always pay for dinner).

After the dinner, I wanted to drop off Didi back to her place. She wanted to go back home on her own, saying that it would take me too much time to go. I always have time to kill, so I told her so. In the end, I'll let her go on her own. It's for her own good.

I took another subway home with the frustration of what have I done wrong. I think she'll only recognize me as a fellow Ute Lemper fan and nothing more. I don't think I will ever have a chance to take her out to a real date. If I was closer to being a human being, I would kill myself.