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Splendid. Not only did I not get any further with my research, but I also locked the keys in my car over here at Oakland University. Now I have the problem of waiting for someone to get out here (It's a 45 minute to 1 hour drive). Add to that the fact that I've been here for 2 hours now and somebody finally got back home, and you can see why I'm on E2 in the labs.

But besides that, I'm an M-Noder now. I already had the massive fanfare welcome and the angels descent from heaven to bestow upon me the ultimate powers, etc, etc, etc. Fun.

God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian and Bob Dylan: so far these are my birthday presents, given me because i won't be home for the day. On closer inspection, i find my father has written Hippy Birthday on the CD he gave me.

Sitting on the playground trying to find some good in anything, trying my damnedest to enjoy a little part of the kids laughing and the branches stratifying the clear sky. Then I find out they will be taking my picture today.
But I had to have my picture taken yesterday, I think.
Heather is going around with a camera. It's only 4:00.
there is no way I can avoid being photographed, or crying, for two hours. - somehow, miraculously, I escape both.

In the park, two geese fly in circles over the pond. Is one chasing the other or just following its lead? Their bodies are sleek as bottles of wine. Two ducks struggle their way through the sludge in the ridiculous square corner of the glaringly manmade lake. I worry and fantasize about dragging them a path through the muck with a rake or something. Both ducks stop to eat something in the black gook, so I guess they're ok.

Something strange. Everyone - everyone I pass in the park gives me a kind smile. Several say "hello" out loud. This never happens.

man with a handsome gray beard.
man on a bike.
man reading in the park.
man racing his son.

I listen to more On the Road on audiobook and it fills me with enthusiasm but also makes me very tired. I go home and agree to babysit a kid I don't want to babysit and fall asleep at 8 pm and don't wake up till 7 in the morning.

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