Released (and a copy bought by me) in April 4, 2000, Punishing Kiss is not Ute Lemper's only step into the waters of pop music, but definitely the most noticeable one. Ute did a few French pop albums (Espace Indecent and Nuits Etranges), but those albums are not as noticeable to the non-Francophone world. Kiss is a great break out of the political satire cabaret pieces and the Kurt Weill-composed songs that Ute has done for a while (since 1988!). Well, Ute is definitely welcome in singing more of the new-school songs, especially those written by Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Elvis Costello and Phillip Glass. Ute also duets with singer Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy for a couple of the songs.

The following lyrics are noded from the original web page in Decca Records' web site in ( Enjoy!

  1. The Case Continues
  2. Tango Ballad
  3. Passionate Fight
  4. Little Water Song
  5. Purple Avenue
  6. Streets of Berlin
  7. Split
  8. Couldn't You Keep That to Yourself
  9. Punishing Kiss -- it's the title song, look down!
  10. You Were Meant for Me
  11. The Part You Throw Away
  12. Scope J

This is from Ute Lemper's latest album, Punishing Kiss, published by Decca Records.

Music and Lyrics: Elvis Costello

I favour a good punishing kiss
It helps pass the lonely afternoons
Another stiff drink 
Wipe off that lipstick 
For when you reach a certain age
All the most villainous men 
Can be found on channel ten 
And I make them dance 
In attendance 
We will be back 
In a minute or two 
And he will punish that girl 
Oh I forget the reason 
Just look at me I'm lost in a social whirl 

She was never so witty 
Always struggling to be full of fun 
On weekdays from midday to one 
In a little black cocktail dress everyone hates 
She'll be saving the world in-between fashion plates 
I know what she gets up to in the back of that black limousine 
And I find myself shouting at the screen 
I think that it's time to turn over 
They say it's harmless I know 
Hundred ten percent certain virtually real 
If you need something to feel 

Then favour a good punishing kiss 
It helps chase the wasted afternoons 
The flowers and the pearls 
The long lost relations 
That love sick tomboy comes in bloom 
All the pointless heartache 
That seems to belong in my blue bloom 
Can't stand the suspense 
The endless embraces 
When each episode 
Lends a silly pretence 
Say I can turn away 
When I will never miss 
It starts with a joke 
And ends with a punishing kiss 

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