I find that I remember my dreams better when I turn my alarm clock off and go back to sleep. I tend to remember my dreams that I have when I oversleep.

I had this dream last night that I was performing in some musical in front of a large (200 or so people?) live audience. Me and some other people in Navs. I remember MK being there, LL, MW, I can't remember who else. We were trying to sing a song, and the performance was taking forever.

It got to be my solo part and I panicked as I realized that I hadn't practiced any of the song! I couldn't remember the lyrics. I blanked out. My fellow cast members were then trying to help me out with the song, telling me bits and pieces of the lyrics, but they were all speaking simultaneously, and I was left more confused. This continued for about twenty minutes, and the audience members started leaving. They collected their stuff, put on their backpacks, and were walking out one at a time (much like students in a class when the professor begins to go overtime). "How rude!" I thought to myself.

Then I looked at somebody else's watch (since I don't wear one) and realized that I was a half an hour late to my Courts and Social Policy final exam!

I had no choice but to become one of those inconsiderate people who walk out of things before they are over.

I jumped off the stage and started running towards the classroom, which was far enough that I got quite winded along the way. I walked into the room and realized there were no seats! My professor had split the class up A-L and M-Z, and A-L were in a different classroom across campus, taking the final exam.

Cursing myself, I ran back the other way. I waited for an elevator, but all of them seemed to be going to different floors other than the one I was on. I took the stairs up five flights instead. After getting into the correct room, I took out my blue book, sat down at an empty seat and began to take the final. I was sweaty, bitter, and tired. I had no idea how to answer any of the three essay questions.

I brainstormed for an hour. I made outlines. I drew various diagrams and symbols. I did everything but answer the questions. Finally, time was up. I stood to turn in my exam and saw my friend EL there. Smiling. She thought it was easy. Of course.

Maybe it's an omen. Maybe I should be paying more attention in class. Maybe I should be going to class. Maybe I should study for my finals. Maybe I've been studying too hard for my finals. Well, that's doubtful since I haven't started yet. Maybe I should go back to sleep.