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Mother sits on shoulder, hissing:
Life is dangerous.
Father sits on other, sighing; 
Lucky you.
Grandmother, grandfather, big sister:
   You'll die if you leave us
   You'll die if you ever leave us. 

Sweetheart, baby sister, 
You'll die anyway
& so will I

Even if you walk the wide greensward
even if you & your beautiful big belly
embrace the world of men & trees
even if you moan with pleasure,
& smoke the sweet grass
& feast on strawberries in bed, 
you'll die anyway--
wide or narrow, you're going to die
As long as you're at it, 
die wide.
Follow your belly to the green pasture.
Lie down in the sun's dapple. 
Life is not as dangerous
as mother said. 
It is more dangerous, 
more wide.

"For Claudia, Against Narrowness", by Erica Jong

CHEAP JACK AND WALL-EYED MIRIAM ...or were you just blind as a bat and did they call you Four Eyes too? but how sure of yourself you must have been to let him make fun of you that way (how many men, after all, put their women next to them, even in a sign? From Cheap Jack and Wall-Eyed Miriam by L.L. Zieger, a poem referencing a sign over a grocery store

I look at my life:
these hands those feet 
this face that belly
all mine.
This table those chairs
these plants those pots
that rug this bed
somehow we have all arrived.

I look at my life:
some days are calm as a glass of water
     high on an empty shelf
some days are stormy as a raging ocean
     crashing against the sandy shore
some days I have left behind
some days I have left

I look at my life:
it is nothing
but a miracle
these sheets those shoes
this head that hair
this heart
it is no accident
I am here

From Legacy, by Leslea Newman, in the book Love Me Like You Mean It, copyright 1987. This is the woman who later wrote Heather Has Two Mommies. Check out her website:

Someone recently told me that my homenode helps them. I have no idea why, but just the same, being told that made me feel warm inside.

If you want a Ching! (to C! someone else's writeup), let me know, and I'll give you one. If you want me to C! your writeup, let me know, and I'll give it a read. Cheers.

I am small cog in a big machine:

Whatever you do will be insignificant. But it is very important that you do it. ~ Gandhi

"Human existence is a series of corrective maneuvers." -Dr. Jo

Former Anthro major, current math teacher, cat lover, pro-choice, deist. My power animal is a tree sloth. I can do a mean monkey call. Want proof? Go to RalphyK's website, . Yep. That's me.

It's just amazing; when I first found this site, I kept thinking, I don't have that much to say. But I keep coming up with more.

You can only go north until you're going south, but you can go east or west forever.

My thoughts about the twelve steps:

/msgs of support and encouragement (and information!) are much appreciated.

Thanks to thyme for introducing me to this place, schist for my very first C!, and to fuzzy and blue and wertperch for editorial suggestions and encouragement. Everything is indeed a community, and I'm pleased to be a part of it.

I like it here. Many people have made me feel welcome--ac_hyper , Agazade , anthropod , avalyn , BlueDragon , cbustapeck , Chras4 , Chris-O , claypenny , Clepsydra , dannye , derfel , elflad , eponymous , etoufee , footprints , GoodKingNerdnor , Gritchka , Jaubertmoniker , Jerboakolinowski , Jet-Poop , JodieK , Liontamer , Liveforever , Lometa , momomom , Mortice , Mr100percent , Narzos , Nocodeforparanoia , oakling , Ocelotbob , Oolong , Quizro , RainDropUp , RalphyK , RancidPickle , riverrun, RubenAzarja , s_alanet , Segnbora-t , SharQ , Sid , Strawberryfrog ' Swap , Tallman , TheBooBooKitty , TheMagus , Tiefling , Vruba , witchiepoo , WolfDaddy , wordnerd . . . (If your name should be here and isn't, a thousand apologies. /msg me and I'll fix that right away!) ...Don't be surprised if you hear from me; I write messages when I find something I like. I'm finding more daily.


According to the classifications in footprints' game, I think I'd be a sage. And lawfully good. I can't help the lawful part; I'm a firstborn, and there's an anal-retentive English teacher living in my forebrain.

Confessions of an Algebra Marm (writeups about how I spend my days):

I've also been going to the gym lately. Read all about it:

...more to come...

I like the idea of vote tagging--check it out.

Self-proclaimed Wolfdaddy groupie. Man, can that dude write!

Just gotta tell you, I like all of LaggedyAnne's bookmarks, and RalphyK's homenode makes me laugh. He said I could join his secret monkey army of doom, by the way.


Milestones: first logged on to E2 on Feb. 16, 2002; made level 2 on March 13; broke 1000 XP on May 23; broke 1000 devotion May 26; reached level 3 on May 29; achieved some degree of XP stoicism by 30 August; leveled up to C! power with the help of the Honor Roll on Oct. 16th; accumulated a merit score of 21 on Dec. 12th became a monk on Feb. 10, '03. 25 March, '04: Have completely slacked off but still visit occasionally, and answer messages... 3/14/07 Damn, I seem to be able to upload a picture! When did that happen? Cool. I have 12 13 Good Lord, 16 17 golden trinkets. I think they're breeding. I have only vague ideas about how I managed to collect them, or what I should do with them. They're pretty, I guess.

Recent good advice/ kind words: Gorgonzola says Expect downvotes when you post a controversial opinion. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

wertperch says /me throws flowers to you and drinks your health

SharQ *hands you a beverage of your choice *

Excalibre says oh thank god, i thought that would be yet one more post with the revolutionary idea of takng the (non-existent) limit as you approach zero. I was prepared to downvote, but your wu turned out to be interesting and stuff . . .

riverrun says re Picking out a coffin: A lovely piece. Thanks for noding this. And it's true--the more you write, the more you have to write about. It's a law of nature I believe.

thyme says re The Last Battle: YES YES YES! I too love the interpretation that Lewis offers! I just wish the christian organizations that hold it up as a great triumph of Christian fantasy would actually READ what the books say...

Lord Brawl says When Curious George gets fingered as a bad influence, it's gotta be worth a C!

MacArthur Parker says re Soft-shelled Crab: Aieeee! This is the best writeup that will ever give me nightmares about being a soft-shelled crab. ;)

Cool Man Eddie says Yo, the entire node

was editor cooled. You have a writeup in there; your reward is knowing you're cooler than liquid nitrogen. Whoo hoo!

sleeping wolf says You probably won't get the reference, but I mean this as a compliment: Who are you that node so good (sic)? Are you insane?

. . .and last but certainly not least, jessicapierce says This is wonderful.

I have attempted to clean up my homenode, and do something with all those unruly bookmarks. Thanks to the lovely RainDropUp for the idea.

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