That E2 writeups which refer to a place should include the geolocation of that place in the text.


In Ludlow at the end of tardibear's writeup is this :-

@@ N52.3669,W2.7202 @@

The part between the two "@@"s is the latitude/longitude reference of Ludlow. This information will be useful to anyone with a GPS device, a paper map, or an online mapping service. The idea of the two "@@" strings is to make this information easy for a human or future GPS search engine to find and recognize.

Putting this into a writeup

Copy the HTML below to the end of your writeup, changing the latitude and longitude to the ones for the place you want to refer to. In the example below the latitude is N51.8031 and the longitude is W3.4842.

A Place for Everything (and Everything in its Place)
|@@ N51.8031,W3.4842 @@]</small></p>

That was split into three lines to avoid a browser bug with <pre> - you don't have to split your HTML up.

Note: Think carefully before giving precise coordinates for someone's private residence: one alternative is to round the latitude and longitude to 1 decimal place, another is to give the coordinates of the nearest town instead.

Online mapping services

This is by no means a complete list :-

  • (United Kingdom)

More links at

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