12:13 EET

Oh joy. It seems I got a flu from my trip to Helsinki. Apart from wrecking my knee, I haven't really been sick in years. So naturally I become ill on the warmest days of the summer. Nothing is more amusing than having a slight fever and going through boxes of tissues while it's +26ºC inside.
But I'm not going to waste my time (or yours) whining about such a miniscule disease. It will be gone in a few days anyway.

My sickness didn't prevent me for spending 6 hours online yesterday, playing an insanely addictive acronym game on IRC. I'm fearing I'll get sucked in there again today. When the phonebill arrives, I'll probably leap to Sweden or something.

Rumors are flying around about the big midsummer eve party some friends of mine were organizing. Supposedly only 2000 people (which is 50% of what they aimed at) showed up and the police really hassled everybody. One of my pals who was DJ:ing there briefly commented on the event as being completely screwed up. His own words, loosely translated:
"After 24 hours of cursing the only thing left to do was to laugh."
I hope it wasn't that bad. A complete failure in such a big venture (by Finnish techno scene standards) could mean the end of their organizing career.

Any incoherency in this node is purely caused by the fever. Apologies again.

Track of the Day:  Disposable Disco Dubs vol.2 - Twister
Weird Food of the Day:  pizza flavored rice cakes